October 1, 2014
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  [+info]  Culminal C
  [+info]  Culminal MC, MHEC and MHPC
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  [+info]  Amylotex 8100
  [+info]  Amylotex ST-2000
  [+info]  Silipon MAS
  [+info]  Silipon RN
Amylotex ST-2000
ST2000 starch derivatives are chemically modified starches, that have been developed for application in the construction industry, especially in gypsum, cement and lime based plasters. They influence the consistency of mortars and, thus improve workability and sag resistance of the formulation. ST2000 are additives, that are commonly used in combination with cellulose derivatives. ST2000 are universally applicable and are suitable for use in both neutral and alkaline systems. ST2000 are compatible with most other additives for gypsum and cement products, like surfactants and polymers such as CULMINAL® MC, NEXTON® hmHEC derivatives, BLANOSE® CMC, SILIPON® RN-types and polyvinylacetate.
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